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Class Benefits:
Stimulate motor, social and cognitive skills
Encouraging the emotional bond between parents and children
Boosts the child's self-esteem
Stimulate learning
Increase strength, flexibility and coordination during development
Allows you to identify psychomotor, behavioural, learning and emotional problems
Allows you to identify issues in motor delay
Specific objectives:
Babies from 9 months to 24 months:
Stimulate baby's motor skills
Encouraging freedom of movement, crawling, reaching for objects
Stimulate fine motor skills due to the practice of playing with their toys
Stimulating autonomy, parents are oriented to perform exercises with their children
Babies from 24 months:
Encouraging the child's autonomy
Stimulate the child's creativity
Practice activities that stimulate your motor skills
Establish rules of behaviour to facilitate coexistence with other children or adults
This activity is carefully designed to stimulate all the senses of babies and children and promote their development.
During the first years of life, a large part of the development takes place in neurons, which will favour communication, understanding and social development, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
That's why classes are held and designed to stimulate babies' and children's cognitive and physical development, build confidence and develop skills.